The Benefits of a Sports Watch

For many, working out is simply a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most are not elite athletes, and are not aspiring to achieve goals higher than reaching a better level of fitness. It is for this reason that many do not consider a sport watch or heart rate monitor a necessity. The average person, like an office clerk or maybe a stay at home Mom with a few pounds to lose, can’t even imagine what they would need a sport watch for.

The fact is, a sport watch not only will change the way you work out, it just might challenge the way you think about slimming down and getting fit altogether. It might even change your life.

No, it’s not going to clean the house and pay off the mortgage, but it can help you reach a level of fitness you probably never thought possible. Achieving that will give you more energy and most likely more self-esteem than you’ve had in years. And that can, in fact, change your life.

How can a watch do all that? Well, it’s quite simple. With the right sports watch you learn how to pace yourself. This helps you work harder and burn more calories than ever before.

The main feature of most sports watches is the heart rate monitor. This feature is a wonderful tool to keep you from doing too little or too much at once. The concept is simple. You determine what range you’d like to keep your heart rate in, depending on what your goals are, and the watch helps you keep an eye on it. If it drops below a certain level then you need to pick the pace up or if it goes over a certain level then you need to ease up a bit.

Lower end sports watches have a sensor that allows them to determine your heart rate. One simply has to place their finger over the sensor at regular intervals and the watch will record the heart rate based on the pulse in the finger. The concept is good, but in reality these types of watches don’t work very well as one needs to stop what they are doing each time they want to record their heart rate. They also don’t work well in colder weather because if the finger is too cold the sensor won’t pick up the pulse.


Higher end sport watches come with a chest strap that constantly monitors your heart rate. It then sends a signal to the watch telling it what your heart rate is. Most people who have this sort of watch will also attest to the fact that the chest strap is so comfortable that one forgets they are even wearing one. Many of these types of watches also have an alarm that will beep when you go above or below your target heart rate so you do not have to constantly be looking at the watch.

Many sport watches also have specific features that allow you to monitor and track your progress, both for your current workout and over time. For runners, there are models with GPS monitors, which allow you to track how much distance you’ve covered.

Additionally, most watches come with a feature that allows for heart rate-based calorie computation. Basically, this means that it will calculate how many calories you have burned during any given workout. No matter how hard a person works out, success cannot be achieved without the right calorie intake. In order to know how much you need to eat, you need to be able to track what you’ve burned.

Many people will argue that they have worked out for years and have never used a sport watch. They will most likely point out that they have achieved great results without the added expense of a gadget. This may be true. However, if used properly, a good sports watch can help you achieve your goals much quicker than without. If one takes into consideration the benefits of reaching their weight goals months sooner, a good sport watch is well worth the cost.

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