Running at autumn morning

Aloe Vera Gel: Your Heart Rate Monitor’s Best Cold Weather Friend

Heart rate monitors like the HeartQ are every bit as important to fitness training in the winter as they are in warmer months. These wonderful little devices work better in the cold, however, if you add some conductive gel to the sensors on your strap, and here, aloe vera gel can get you through a whole season of workouts. A Little Dry Air Equals a Big Heart Rate ... [Continue Reading]

Woman running in winter

How to Troubleshoot High or Inaccurate Heart Rate Monitor Readings in Cold Weather

Unless you’re okay with letting your fitness tank for months, you probably want to keep training even in the winter when it’s cold. The trouble is, the cold can wreak havoc on both your heart rate and your heart rate monitor. If you know how to troubleshoot, though, you can keep tracking your heart rate, stay safe and get good results even if it’s “hot cocoa weather” ... [Continue Reading]