How to Fit and Place Your Heart Rate Monitor for Great Performance

Just like wearing a wrong bra size is common for ladies, going into a workout with a heart rate monitor (HRM) strap that’s not adjusted well is pretty common among exercisers. In fact, Polar, a company that’s been cranking out HRMs for decades, asserts that wearing a misadjusted strap is the most common HRM error people make. Wearing your strap wrong is a big issue because ... [Continue Reading]

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How to Shed Pounds Safely with Your Heart Rate Monitor: 4 Basic Rules

If you’re trying to get fit, slimming your waistline is probably a pretty high priority. Staying out of danger has to be a prominent goal, too, though. Today, one device — the heart rate monitor—addresses both these objectives extremely well, provided you use it according to a few basic guidelines. • Know your Maximum Heart Rate. Your maximum heart rate (MHR) is ... [Continue Reading]

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Aloe Vera Gel: Your Heart Rate Monitor’s Best Cold Weather Friend

Heart rate monitors like the HeartQ are every bit as important to fitness training in the winter as they are in warmer months. These wonderful little devices work better in the cold, however, if you add some conductive gel to the sensors on your strap, and here, aloe vera gel can get you through a whole season of workouts. A Little Dry Air Equals a Big Heart Rate ... [Continue Reading]

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4 Tips for Using Your Heart Rate Monitor in Circuit Strength Training

Circuit training has become wildly popular among fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike, both because it offers variety within a single workout and because it is a highly efficient way of exercising. The approach involves doing a series of moves of your choice that target different muscle groups, normally in fairly quick succession with minimal rest in ... [Continue Reading]

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How to Troubleshoot High or Inaccurate Heart Rate Monitor Readings in Cold Weather

Unless you’re okay with letting your fitness tank for months, you probably want to keep training even in the winter when it’s cold. The trouble is, the cold can wreak havoc on both your heart rate and your heart rate monitor. If you know how to troubleshoot, though, you can keep tracking your heart rate, stay safe and get good results even if it’s “hot cocoa weather” ... [Continue Reading]

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How to Pick the Perfect Heart Rate Monitor for Killer Workouts

The sheer number of heart rate monitors (HRMs) out there can be daunting. If you don’t pick the right one, you won’t have a prayer of training comfortably, effectively, safely and efficiently. To Strap or Not to Strap Modern heart rate monitors come in two basic styles. The first kind of HRM, sometimes known as a finger model, is just a device you wear like a ... [Continue Reading]

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Finding Your Target Heart Rate

Target heart rate, resting heart rate, metabolism? All of these terms are so confusing when beginning a new workout regimen. Just exercise and go, right? Most gyms require members to monitor his or her own heart rate for safety reasons during every workout. Learning how to keep track of your heart rate isn't nearly as complicated as it might seem. Why is it so important ... [Continue Reading]

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Heart Rate Training

If you just can’t seem to get the scale to budge or are bored with cardiovascular exercise, heart rate training (HRT) might be for you. This popular method of cardiovascular exercise will provide you with feedback as to what kind of results you can expect to see from your workouts. Choosing the right heart rate to exercise at will help you maximize your fat loss or ... [Continue Reading]

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Why Do Heart Rate Zones Matter When You Exercise?

Step into most gyms or fitness classes and you'll likely see at least a few people wearing heart rate monitors. These exercisers aren't just wearing these gadgets to look cool. They're doing it because they want to stay in their ideal heart rate zone. Let's take a look at what these zones are and how they can influence your exercise results. About the Heart Rate ... [Continue Reading]

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The Benefits of a Sports Watch

For many, working out is simply a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most are not elite athletes, and are not aspiring to achieve goals higher than reaching a better level of fitness. It is for this reason that many do not consider a sport watch or heart rate monitor a necessity. The average person, like an office clerk or maybe a stay at home Mom with a few pounds to ... [Continue Reading]